Introduction to Banqueting and Events Training

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This is an in-house certificated beginners course designed for people wishing to start work in the Hospitality, Events and Restaurant industry. The main emphasis is on the development of key skills such as serving, clearing & understanding basic event styles. This course is also ideal for refreshing your knowledge. Once you have completed the course successfully you will have the skills and knowledge to work for the hospitality employers that we work with.


Learning Outcomes

  • Table Setting                                                                                                                     
  • Method of setting one cover
  • Serving with a spoon & fork
  • Introduction to Silver Service
  • Plated Service (Food already on plate)
  • Sides of Service
  • Service of the Meal
  • Carrying plates
  • Clearing
  • Order of Service
  • Drink & Canapé Service/Tray Service
  • Manual Handling
  • Terms Used & Their Meanings


Please note: Attendance is not compulsory. But it will improve your chances of success in getting work more quickly as this course is tailored to our specific employer requirements. Last year, this course saw more than 1000 people get work in hospitality after successful completion. If you believe that you already have the necessary skills please speak to your Consultant who will run a few practical tests to ensure that you are job ready.

If you wish to register with us for the training then please get in touch

3-4 hours