Interview Skills in Hospitality Industry

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This course is designed to grow your HR skills with regards to recruiting whether you are looking to begin working in HR or want to expand your knowledge within the sector as well as job seekers preparing for an interview.

It covers the legal issues around interviews, effective methods of questioning and listening techniques to find the right candidate for you or how to be the right candidate for your potential employer.

The course also covers how to write informative job descriptions, evaluating CVs, applications & cover letters as well as behavioural and competency based interviewing, what to look for in a candidate and how to handle candidate questions; assisting recruiters in the process and jobseekers in what to include in applications, how to respond to questions and what/how to ask questions in the interview.

Suitable for people looking to start in HR and existing HR workers looking to enhance their knowledge and skills or job seekers.

1 hour