Learn Train Recruit in focus

Learn Train Recruit understands the need for quality and self-assured staff in the Catering industry.

We are a recruitment & training provider for the Hospitality & Events industry. We recruit and train Hospitality people of all levels whether working in part time of full-time roles.

With a team that has over 50 years combined experience in hospitality & recruitment, we have the necessary qualifications to guide you through a successful and smoothly process that will help you reach your goals.

We have worked for clients in London, Essex, Liverpool & Salisbury within the UK and also internationally for Dubai, Hong Kong, France, Poland & Latvia.

We are not JUST a recruitment company. We also offer training courses ranging from online courses - e-learning, e-books, distance learning, blended learning, and classroom.

Whether it's a simple introduction to Banqueting or a Level 3 in Food Safety we have you covered. We are delighted to have been a key partner in the development of a European wide Hospitality qualification covering Social Skills & Cultural Awareness (http://www.cstour.eu/en/) and proud are proud to be taking part in the SFA/ESF funded project PanOut London (http://panout.london/) where actively work with employers to introduce school children to the Hospitality & Catering industry.

We stand by our mission statement: "We provide extremely reliable, well-trained people with great attitudes to look after your guests."​

Contacting us is easy: Either call us on 020 7357 9869, email us at info@learntrainrecruit.com or download our App for free.

Learn. Train. Recruit. It's what we do.