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The Hospitality sector is one that offers all sorts of scope for jobs and careers. It is a sector that: works every day of the year, every minute of the day, it never sleeps, it’s constantly evolving, it’s always developing and it needs people to work in all parts of the world. In short, the hospitality sector is always seeking people to help it deliver excellent guest experiences.

There are many ways in which you could become involved. When you consider that hotels, venues, restaurants, pubs, bars, conference centres, sports centres and a whole array of other hospitality providers all need staff, you begin to get an idea of the scale of the opportunities. According to research the Hospitality industry employs circa 3.2 million people in the UK alone. This figure makes it the third largest private sector employer, representing 10% of the economy.

Skills shortage

The hospitality sector is suffering a skills shortage which in part is due to its own making. Since 2010, it has created one in six new jobs. In addition to that the number of UK hospitality businesses has increased by more than 9% in the last year. Therefore the industry is growing fast which has led to part of the reason for the skills shortage.

The B Word

We didn’t want to mention it, but really have no option as it impacts on the opportunities in the hospitality sector. The B word affect, which is otherwise known as Brexit.

The uncertainty caused for employers and staff from what is happening as a result of Brexit is leading to opportunities in hospitality. As some employers are seeing some staff leave, that has opened the door for other opportunities. It’s all to play for.

The Perfect Storm

If you look at the skills shortage and the impact of Brexit it is easy to see that there is much change going on in the hospitality market (especially in the UK). This creates the perfect storm for people that want to enter a new area of employment or for those people that want to develop their existing hospitality careers. Hospitality really is a diverse, creative and vibrant industry.

Traditional Roles

If you mention hospitality many people will think of the following roles. This is just a handful from a much larger list.

Food and Beverage Managers
Restaurant Managers
Event staff
Operations Managers

Further Opportunities

The traditional roles are of course not the only ones that the hospitality industry needs. Some of the ‘hidden opportunities’ include the following.

Social media
Human Resources
Legal and Regulatory

Again this is not an exhaustive list but it does provide you with an idea of areas that you might want to consider. For example, skills from other industries can generally be transferred to the hospitality sector. This may necessitate some training of course but it all depends on individual circumstances.

Developing your career

Hospitality is an industry sector that will never stand still. It is full of people that care about what they are doing and who thrive on working with people. Maybe you are someone that has strong sales experience in a different industry. You could easily use your skills and help a venue to sell its space to event planners. Or maybe you have been involved in marketing in the travel industry. If so you could put that experience to good use to attract people to come and visit a Museum or other attractions. These are just a couple of examples. There are many more examples that we could have used. But, you should be getting an idea of how you could fit into this creative sector.

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