Become the Hospitality Temp Everyone Wants to Work With

Standing out as a temp in hospitality doesn’t need to be difficult if you follow some basic tips and apply them. Don’t forget to read our original post ‘How to Stand Out as a Hospitality Temp’ for our first three crucial tips.

Here are some more attributes that will ensure you stand out and get more jobs.

Keep developing and improving your communication skills
As a hospitality temp you will find yourself working at different events for different clients. You can be sure that every client will have their own ‘jargon’ that they use and they expect all team members to understand it. Their ‘jargon’ may be as simple as using the word ‘temps’ to mean temporary staff. Whatever their language is, get to know it as quickly as possible. Understanding hospitality industry jargon is useful as well. One simple way of becoming familiar with issues, terms and anything else that affects the industry is to read trade publications, listen to podcasts and watch You Tube videos. You will soon identify industry phrases and in turn this knowledge can help make you shine when it comes to talking to clients. The more developed your knowledge is the more job opportunities are likely to be offered. It is always best to keep developing and improving your communication skills.

Smile and be Engaging
One of the key communication skills needed by any temp is understanding how to put people at ease so that they feel relaxed. A friendly smile is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of putting people at ease. A genuine smile (not a false one) is always welcome. The power of a smile should not be underestimated, after all smiling is pretty contagious. Still not sure then test it out on friends or family. However, showing warmth and interest through smiling is only way to stand out as temp. You should also be engaging. In other words you need to be interested in and attentive to what your boss, colleague or customer is talking about. Listen and soak up everything that is going on. And of course when appropriate put forward your thoughts.

Be Helpful
Wanting to help is a key attribute to being asked to work again and again. You will of course need to undertake your duties with diligence and professionalism and being helpful shows how keen you are and what a contribution you can bring. If you turn up for work, do your tasks but don’t contribute to the team, especially when the pressure is on, you will not stand out as much as other temps that do their work and contribute to the team tasks. However, it’s not just when the pressure is on that the power of being helpful is useful. If you spot things that will make a difference for the client make sure you voice them. If you are enthusiastic it will just come across. Organisations always look for candidates that have energy and want to help.

Be honest about your availability
If you cannot take a job because you are busy then be straightforward and say so. Some temps try and take on too much work and unfortunately it always backfires. Traffic delays, lack of sleep or not leaving enough time for other responsibilities can all lead to additional pressures that you don’t need especially when you have a busy work schedule. It’s easy to take on more work than you have time for and if you do something will invariably suffer. Getting the balance right between taking on work but giving yourself enough time to enjoy life is a skill that is only really learnt through experience.

Only accept gigs that match your skills and career goals
Sometimes a job will come up which is perfect for you and that is great. However, when jobs come up and you are not sure if you have the right skill set or experience for it then it could be a sign that it’s not for you. If in doubt have a chat to your agency and get their view. There is nothing worse than feeling that you are out of your depth in a work situation. You could easily be remembered for all the wrong reasons if things don’t work out.

Stay in touch
Keep close to your agency. If you check in on a regular basis then you will demonstrate that you are available for jobs. This is key especially when agencies are busy and they may not have your CV or profile in front of them at the time. Even if you have worked for them before you should still keep on their radar.

Always keep training and learning
Staying up to date with training and going on training courses enables you to be put forward for jobs. There are always new things to learn. Training is fundamental to success. Just take a look at any sports or film or music personalities that you love and you will discover they are constantly practising their craft. You can adopt a similar mentality and more jobs are likely to open up for you.

We wish you much success and if you have any questions please contact LTR on 020 7357 9869 or email - info@learntrainrecruit.com

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