How to Stand Out as a Hospitality Temp

Working as a temp in hospitality is challenging and very rewarding. It’s challenging because every single event and client will be different. Clients have their expectations which you will need to live up to. Sometimes you may not be aware of their expectations which is why you need to be fully briefed by your agency or by the client at the start of your shift.

However, despite every client being different (which makes life more interesting) there are some attributes that will ensure you stand out and get more jobs.

Be Punctual

Always be on time and ready to work. Clients worry if a temp is late and it’s one way to lose trust in an instant. You need to be at the venue and changed into your uniform before your shift begins. As a rule of thumb being ready to go ten minutes before your shift is good practice. Before you set out for the venue make sure you know how to find it. If you are driving and using a Sat Nav does the postal code bring you to the front of the venue or will it leave you some distance away? Make sure you have time to park which may mean having some coins on you to pay for your parking ticket. If you are travelling by public transport allow enough time for any disruption. Also have a back-up plan in case your route is blocked. If you get into trouble and will not be on time then let the agency or the client know. That way you are keeping them informed of your situation and they can make alternative arrangements if necessary. Do not go silent especially if you know you will be late.

Stay Professional

As a hospitality temp you can be immersed into any number of different events. There will be common factors such as people networking, eating and drinking. However, there could be other activities taking place such as speeches, live bands playing or firework displays and you will need to carry out your duties whilst these go on around you. Your job will be to keep calm at all times and don’t stress (even if those around you are). Now this is easier said than done but being sure of what you need to deliver and how you can help other colleagues or client staff if they need assistance will provide you with confidence. If there is drama don’t get dragged into it and certainly do not be the reason for the drama.

Have Great Knowledge

Be sure of the products and services that are available at the event. You could be asked for the location of the toilets, the cloakroom or which function room to go to. It’s also very important that you are aware of what you are serving when it comes to the food. Whether it is canapes or meals you will need to know all the nut, allergy and vegan facts. You cannot pick up a tray of food and stay serving if you don’t know what it is. This would be dangerous especially as some people can have severe allergic reactions. Find out as much as you can before you start serving. Do not guess. Always ask especially if the food briefing has been light on detail.

Clients expect temping staff to; be on time, be professional and demonstrate great knowledge for all that is going on at their event. If you adopt these three attributes and make them a habit then you are likely to be given more jobs.

We wish you much success and if you have any questions please contact LTR on 020 7357 9869 or email - info@learntrainrecruit.com

Posted by: Learn Train Recruit