Mastering MasterChef – The final decider

It’s hard to believe that the MasterChef final is here. rom the 55 amateur cooks that entered just three remain. They are Jilly, Irini and Delia.

Over the course of the last seven weeks we have seen cooking that has worked, cooking that has ended up in the bin and we have seen many tears of sadness and joy.  There is no doubt about it, when you enter MasterChef you go on a journey. You find out about yourself and your love of food. You find out what pressure is enough and what is too much. I remembered all this from my own journey as I sat down to enjoy the final.

Judge John advised the contestants to “take every lesson and every bit of emotion and apply it to your three courses” with that he announced the start of the challenge and three hours of cooking began.

Enough of a challenge or not?

Delia gave herself an extra couple of challenges in addition to the one set by MasterChef. She had chosen to cook rabbit as her main course but revealed that she had never cooked it before! If that wasn’t enough she was also having a go at molecular gastronomy. In the final! Basically molecular gastronomy is the science part of the physical and chemical changes that occur during cooking.  I am surprised that she decided to give herself more pressure but then if you want to win, you have to pull out all the stops.

Jilly and Irini made some amazing food and the judges were treated to absolute delights from all three finalists. Gregg always smiles but he was absolutely blown away by the level of skill and balance of flavours from all three contestants.

The food from Jilly was picture perfect which was a world away from where she had started the competition. Her journey was very much about refinement and presentation and she clearly saved her best work to last.

Irini went back to her Greek roots and produced food that Gregg described that could have come from a “posh Greek tavern.”

Love, the special ingredient

Wow what an episode! One of the key things that struck me was how much love all contestants put into their food. Love is a very special ingredient. I know. I use it all the time.

For the cooks, the final was their last chance to pull out all the stops, show everything they’ve learned along the way and demonstrate the kind of cook they have become. Well they certainly did that.

It was such a close competition but in the end, the judges decided that Irini was the worthy winner. In the words of Gregg “you can teach a person technique, but not the absolute love and passion of food.” It was obvious to me that her food always comes from the heart.

My heartfelt congratulations to Irini Tzortzoglou who is the MasterChef 2019 Champion.

Learn Train Recruit's Guest blogger Daksha Mistry is herself a former contestant, a guest judge appearing on the show regularly over the last 10 years and is guest speaker. She is also a professional chef owner of Dakshas Gourmet Catering, providing world class global cuisine.

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