Why Events needs Hospitality

Events & Hospitality

Events & Hospitality are sometimes treated as two separate industries but the two often overlap and it's really not that simple, with some schools of thought arguing that they are indeed one & the same industry.

In this blog, we look at some of the event areas that work hand in hand with hospitality and why - so often - you cannot have one without the other.


The average cost of a wedding keeps increasing year on year. Being that the biggest item costs for a wedding are the venue, food and drink, it is good news for hospitality suppliers. In turn, this is good news for people wanting to work alongside the glitz of weddings. Every day is different, every day bringing a new challenge and experience. Not only do you create special memories for the customer, you are also creating some wonderful memories and stories for yourself. Never a dull moment!


As the amount of business intelligence continues to increase, the need to get people together to discuss new findings, latest trends and what challenges lie ahead has a direct bearing on how often people meet at conferences and events. In amongst, the intelligence there will be key messages that need to be disseminated. Despite the recent political turmoil, there seems to be no sign of conferences slowing down, and - if anything - it looks like demand will only increase. The good news is that all conferences need hospitality of some description to be provided. This demand could be anything from your basic teas and coffees to full sit down meals.

Awards Dinners

Awards ceremonies are as popular as ever. Many generate good profits and as such retain their place year on year as a must have event. Awards dinners have a definite need for hospitality to be provided. The guests are there to have a good time - even if they might not have won! - and the good hospitality professional will ensure that they do. These dinners can take place in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK and abroad.

Product Launches

Does hospitality have bearing on product launches? Yes, absolutely. After all you cannot invite lots of VIPs to the grand unveiling of a new product (regardless of the industry) and not provide some food and drink to them.

Fashion Shows

A lot of networking goes on at fashion shows. Who is looking the best and what perfume are they wearing? As importantly who are they rubbing shoulders with? Whilst it is possible to network without having a drink to hand, for some people it would be difficult. If guests are to mingle then give them a glass of bubbly. Alcohol is a great leveller, so guests can relax and fit right in as they carry out their intelligence of who is who in fashion.

Festivals, sports events, films and TV

Festivals, sports events, films and TV also are areas in which hospitality services are needed on a regular basis. Imagine if the actors and crew on the latest James Bond film were not provided with food and drink to help them work through the day. Or if there was nothing to eat at Glastonbury music festival?

When you look at it, it seems that the events world doesn’t work without having some form of hospitality being provided. This is good news for people looking for jobs in hospitality as the opportunities are immense.

Are there any key areas of events that need hospitality that you think we've missed out on? If so, add your comments below - we'd love to hear from you!

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