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The hospitality industry is jam-packed with competition, which means it pays to stay ahead - to know what the trends are - what's hot, what's not - what's in and what's out. Anybody who has been in hospitality long enough knows it can be a very fickle game. Helpful as ever, Learn Train Recruit have put together our top ten hospitality blogs - some fun, some more serious but all of them relevant. There are hundreds of hospitality blogs out there, but here are ten that we think you should be reading right now.


An in depth insight into the global hotel markets, with a focus on hospitality concerns. Also, you’ll find marketing innovations, hotel news and (at the time of writing) a free downloadable report of predicted hospitality trends in 2019 here

What we at Learn Train Recruit call the "The Hospitality bible". Keep up with the latest news and gossip, the movers and shakers as it comes in.


Considering the source, a considerable amount of news is covered to include events in social media and industry information. Just type in "Hospitality" in search et voila

For a fun and more light hearted blog, written at the local level rather than nationally or globally. Industry expert and entrepreneur, Sarah Kettel provides some wonderful hospitality insights as she goes about her daily travels around Tooting. Some great recipes too!

Another wonderful little blog, based in the South East of England, this time written by Jo Banks, lifestyle chef, blogger, a highly experienced food presenter and events organiser, and a regular guest and contributor to food-themed radio shows. Jo shares some new and refreshing takes on seasonal & traditional foods and events

Returning to the national level, of course, how could we not mention Big Hospitality which looks at the latest trends and hot topics within the hospitality industry. Some great articles

BBC Masterchef finalist, guest judge and fan favourite, Chef Daksha Mistry shares her thoughts with us and some of the great things she has been doing lately to promote hospitality to the younger generation. She also shares with us some of her amazing dishes! Try them!

Thiese quite frankly brilliant blogs from Condé Nast are a must read for those interested in whats going on in the luxury end of hospitality. A consumer’s perspective of hospitality marketing, covering editor’s choices, popular destinations and industry gurus discussing the modern hotel business climate.

Focusing on online branding strategies, there is a heavy focus on performance analytics and a discussion on the viability of hospitality business changes.

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