Why work in hospitality?

Whether you are considering a career in hospitality for the first time, or you’re only just coming across this vast industry right now, you need to know why you should want to work in hospitality. There are so many reasons that the hospitality industry should appeal to you, especially if you are interested in people and customer service. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work in hospitality, we’ve put together six of the best reasons you should be considering a switch in employment and seek one of the many jobs in the hospitality industry.

You Can Work Anywhere

Want to take a year abroad? Well, working in hospitality gives you that shot. You can transfer your skills from one country to the next without much issue, because no matter what, you’re going to find demand in this busy industry. You can discover the world while you’re working in hospitality and because you’ll find the industry wherever you go, you won’t be short of work to do.

The Hours Are Flexible

While this doesn’t always mean sociable, the hours in hospitality are not the typical 9-5 shift. Hospitality workers work a mix of nights and days, meeting client needs and electing to work nights or days depending on their preferences.

Amazing Career Future

If there is one industry out there you can climb the ladder from the bottom right to the stars, it’s hospitality. Any one of the many HR trends out there can tell you exactly why you should work in hospitality, and they’ll tell you that you could start with waiting tables and work your way up to restaurant management should you want to.

You can still find jobs even in a recession

There are already a lack of jobs available out there, but in hospitality there are almost endless job options and very few industries that have as many available as hospitality does. People always need customer service, entertainment and service, and the hospitality provides all of these things.

You Can Boost Your Social Skill Set

You will be meeting new people everyday when you work in hospitality, from business people to A-listers, regular Joe’s to sophisticated darlings. You will be in an environment that’s hot for networking and you can learn to execute your social skills effectively when you work with people.

You Get The Chance To Raise A Smile

At the end of a very long working day, there’s not much better than a client thanking you for your hard work. In hospitality, you will get this almost every day. It’s an industry of service and maximising experiences, and knowing that you’ve contributed to the happiness of others can be uplifting.

This isn’t an easy industry to work in, but it’s one that could absolutely change your outlook on everything that you do while giving you a huge boost up the career ladder. Take the time to do your research: there are a lot of roles available in hospitality and you get the chance to choose where you start. Choose wisely, and you could kick off a rewarding career today.

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