Opportunities for older workers in the hospitality industry

Opportunities for older workers in the hospitality industry

If you are looking for a job at the moment as an older worker, you may worry about not being able to find the perfect role for your needs. You might be looking for something where you can make the most of all of the experience that you have gained over your years of working, while being able to have the flexibility that you seek, too. If this is true for you right now, then you can be sure that hospitality is the perfect industry for you.

It has been suggested that roles such as greeters, or tour guides, would be perfect for older workers for many reasons, which are discussed below.

Workplaces are becoming more friendly to the older worker

In recent years, workplaces have started to realise the importance and value that older workers could bring into their working environment. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is the fact that the workers will have a wealth of prior knowledge that they can bring with them into the role. Companies that are choosing to make this a priority include McDonald’s, which has stores across the whole of the country.

Having the edge over younger applicants

Now, when you apply for almost any role in the hospitality industry, it will state that you need a certain amount of experience within the industry if you want to secure the job that you have applied for. Younger workers might struggle with this simply due to the fact that they haven’t been a part of the jobs market for long enough, however older applicants have the advantage in that they will have both experience and references to back up their application.

A perfect job for your schedule

Those who manage to find a job that fits well with their own personal schedule are often happiest, and the hospitality industry gives you the chance to do this. You can choose to work early or late, and as long or short hours as you might like, thanks to the fact that there are such a range of roles available. You could also choose to work weekends or night shifts, depending on what suits you the most.

The perks of the job

The hospitality industry might not make you a millionaire, however you will often get some perks such as meals while on shift, which can be perfect if you struggle to fit meals into your schedule or budget normally.

How to get into the industry

The most important thing is to know the job you’re applying for. Have a chat to workers who are already in that role, and visit your potential place of work to get a feeling for the atmosphere of the place. You should talk to the recruiters and air any concerns that you might have about the role you’re going for, as this could help to iron things out for you.

Potential drawbacks

As with any industry, you might find that as an older worker you are treated unfairly due to your age, and the fact that many assume that you are nearing retirement and therefore won’t be interested in the same sorts of opportunities as the younger members of the team. The best thing to do in this respect is to make your intentions clear from the start, and this gives you a good chance of thriving within the hospitality industry.

If you are a mature worker and you are looking for hospitality work, why not visit our jobs page and see what opportunities are available to you.

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