UK tipping trends depend on area of residence

UK tipping trends depend on area of residence

On the whole, Britain as a nation doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to willingness to tip at the end of a meal. However, recent research has shown that this might not be true, and that in actual fact, 87% of all Brits leave a tip, at an average of £4.18 per table per meal. In addition to this, it was found that men are much less likely to leave any tip at all compared to women when dining.

A recent study has been shown that there are significant differences in tipping habits depending on exactly where in Britain you are from. The study found that those living in London are the most likely to leave the highest tips, with the average being £5.68 – though this difference may be proportionate to the overall price being higher.

Scots were revealed to be the most likely to leave a tip, with a massive 91% of diners from the country leaving a tip each time.

It was also found that different areas of Britain tend to value different parts of the service, with 80% of people in Wales choosing to tip if the staff who served them were friendly for the duration of their visit.

Somewhat in line with local stereotypes, those from Yorkshire were found to be the least likely to leave a tip at all, with just a fifth stating that they always do. In addition to this, more than half of Yorkshire diners who completed the survey stated that they had in the past requested that a service charge was removed from their bill.

There are many reasons that people might choose not to leave a tip, and the top three reasons for this were slow service, wrong orders and rudeness of waiters. Many diners stated that they had walked out of a restaurant quickly in the past as a way of avoiding leaving a tip with their bill.

Overall, the research seems to show that if diners are happy with the service, they are quite likely to leave a tip – but they are also happy to withhold this tip if service was not as expected.

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