Uncovered beards in restaurants? The concerns.

Uncovered beards in restaurants? The concerns.

Recently, an article was published in which a couple of chefs were pictured in their kitchen environment. However, the article received a lot of attention that the author might not have been expecting due to the fact that the chefs had not chosen to cover their beard. Many readers got in touch to state that it is worrying that the chefs wouldn’t be wearing beard nets, as there is always the chance that hair could end up in the food if the nets weren’t worn.

However, in reality, just how frequent is it that you can attend a restaurant and see chefs, or anyone involved in the food preparation process, actually wearing a beard net? The department of health state that if you have long hair, you must have it covered when you work with food, but it doesn’t specifically mean you need to wear a hair net according to the guidelines that are available.

There seems to be a change in trends regarding chefs in top restaurants, and it is now becoming increasingly rare to see a chef even in the traditional hat – never mind with another kind of hair restraint. This is the case not only for the main chef who generally stays in the kitchen, but also for other people who might be working with the food, and providing the finishing touches to the dishes that are going to be served.

There are a number of concerns that people have with the use of beard nets, and the main one seems to be the physical discomfort of actually being made to wear one. The material that the nets are made out of can often cause irritation to the skin, leaving rashes on the faces of many who are asked to wear them.

One individual who was interviewed about the use of beard nets stated that in the area he lives, about a tenth of men working as chefs do so with long beards. With so much in the media about hygiene issues involving beards, it’s little wonder that there is so much outcry about the fact that so few choose to wear the beard nets while working.

Professionals within the industry state that, in top restaurants, it doesn’t matter whether a beard net is worn or not – you’re still not going to find a hair in your food. This is because the reputation of the restaurant is so important that food is double and even triple checked before it is served, leaving it really unlikely that anything unwanted would be on the plate.

The department of health, when asked for clarification on their guides, stated that beard nets should be worn when the beard is long enough to have grown past the edge of the face. Surprisingly, this also applies to people like bar tenders, who may never think to cover the hair on their head at all.

Experts state that well groomed beards have relatively little risk of shedding, which means that with or without the use of a beard net, the risk of any hairs making their way into the food would be minimal.

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