British workers targeted by the hospitality industry

Professional organisations at the head of the hospitality industry have stated that companies should aim to hire British workers where possible. Industry bodies have joined together with the Department for Work and Pensions to produce Hospitality Works, which is a campaign aiming to highlight the importance of British workers in the industry.


This campaign was first run in 2015, and since then it has been responsible for 8,500 work placements within the industry. Three associations – the British Beer and Pub Association, the British Hospitality Association and the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers – hope to use the success of this campaign as a starting block to achieve further success. It is the aim to join together as one voice and encourage positive results for the industry.


The scheme aims to encourage those who are currently seeking work to consider working as a part of the hospitality industry. The scheme encourages industry employers to come together and speak out about the benefits of holding a job in this industry, and can also highlight the different jobs that are available within the industry – many of which lots of people don’t already know about. Lots of jobseekers are unaware about just how much career progression is actually available in the hospitality industry, which means that they fail to consider the sector as a possibility for their own career.


For the duration of the scheme, over 600 Job Centres across the country will be putting emphasis on hospitality roles that are currently available, and there will be a number of job fairs and taster days provided by current employers, which will give jobseekers the chance to go and have a chat, and find out about exactly what it is like to work in the industry.


This is an important campaign, at the time of writing, as freedom of movement is set to end in March. This means that there is likely to be an overwhelming shortage of skills in the hospitality industry, and there is a huge need to encourage British workers to step up and train to fill those gaps.


This industry could be a great choice for people not wanting to take the route of academia, as there is an excellent opportunity to learn on the job, or to take part in an apprenticeship scheme if that would be preferable. Not only does this make it likely that employment would be secured at the end of the training process, but it also means that a great number of skills can be developed and improved which could then be used across a number of industries if the individual feels as though they would like a career change in the future. This might suit somebody who is lacking skills at present, as it offers the chance to start right at the bottom and work up to a level that you are aiming for.


It is hoped that young, British workers will be encouraged into the hospitality industry by this scheme. Unemployment is currently at a record low, which is something that the industry is proud of, however when you consider the fact that there are many issues related to the future of immigration laws that are yet to be dealt with, it is necessary that recruitment is targeted now, so that when changes in the law do arrive, there will be plenty of skilled workers with the ability to carry the industry forward in a positive direction. It is hoped that this scheme will help massively to attract individuals who could thrive in the hospitality industry.

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