Professional boundaries and keeping yourself safe during and after an event

Professional boundaries and keeping yourself safe

Unless you were hiding under a rock, you're probably aware of a Charity event that made headline news earlier this year when waitresses claimed they were sexually harassed by the attendees. We look at ways you can keep yourself safe at an event and what to do if you are made to feel uncomfortable.

Of course, its not just during the event that you need to consider. You’ve had a long day and fancy a drink afterwards, and a customer has asked if you would like to join them, or to perhaps join them on a date.

On their own, these activities may be perfectly normal, but not so when involving a customer or an attendee of the event. While they might seem fun, good looking etc what do you actually know about them? Are they married? In a relationship? Are they safe to be with? 

There of course is the professional issue as this could put you in conflict with work and possibly lead to the end of your job, and in some cases, a career you’ve worked extremely hard for. Not something you’d want and a situation anyone should definitely steer clear of. Professional boundaries are absolutely essential in any job and it’s key that you are putting them in place in all situations and encounters with every single client that you work with.

This being said, we do all make mistakes and not everyone can get it right every single time. It’s your job and your responsibility to ensure that this is limited as much as possible. It’s also really important that these are in place to not only protect your clients but also, most importantly, yourself. A lot of workers forget themselves when it comes to looking after other people but this is vitally important in being a successful.

Dealing with other peoples boundaries.

If you are pestered by a customer or attendee, then inform management or a supervisor immediately and try to remove yourself from the situation. If you are in the middle of service and cannot easily get away, the simplest way to reject advances is to say it is company policy that we can not meet our clients outsite of events.

Keep in mind as the alcohol flows so do the inhibitions, so be careful not to misinterpret clumsy flirting with more serious unwanted advances.

Do not get isolated, work in your teams and keep those you are reporting to aware of any concerns you make have. 

Keep your interactions polite but limited, don't join in the festivities.

Take a break or move to a different section if you continue to get attention that is unmanageable. You must also inform Learn Train Recruit at your earliest convenience so we can investigate matters further on your behalf. Remember: It is NOT ok

Please note, this is not to scare you, and pretty much most, if not all,  events are fun - often elegant - affairs and will be a joy to work at.

If you have any further questions, or concerns relating to the above please drop us a line on info@learntrainrecruit.com

If you have been affected by any of the above in your workplace and don't know who to talk to contact SupportLine on:  01708 765200 or email info@supportline.org.uk . There are people who can help and you are not on your own.

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